Case Study: Fasta Pasta

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1) Who is the ideal customer that will benefit the most from your products or services? Define or describe your ideal target customer in detail. ¬ The Senior High School Students from the University of Santo Tomas are the ideal customers that will benefit the most from our product, Fasta Pasta. They are the target marker. Geographically, they are the easiest to reach. Given that the area is a Thomasian community, it makes selling easier with the established connection. One of the most significant details is that most of these students are busy doing performance tasks and reviewing for exams and sometimes. Because of this constraining schedule, they don’t have enough time to buy food and eat. In detail, their age ranges from 15 to 19 years…show more content…
The consumers would be would know that they are taking the environment into account. The enterprise duly stands for the reduction of materials that can harm the environment, like non-biodegradable plastic containers. Due to this, the production of Fasta Pasta uses eco-friendly materials to contain the products. This means that customers can buy our product repeatedly without the fear of further harming our surroundings. 4) What is the product(s) or service(s) you are selling? Describe them in 5-8 sentences. ¬ The product that we will offer is called Fasta Pasta. It is a redesigned pasta made up of two significant components: the pasta and the sauce. The cooked pasta is paired with a sauce with a variety of flavors to choose from, which includes Carbonara, Mac and Cheese, Pomodoro Filipino, and Alfredo. The dips are made in consideration to the individuals who are prohibited from consuming pork. Thus, dips with and without pork are offered. In addition, the dips are in separate containers to prolong the shelf life of pasta. The pasta, on the other hand, is eaten in a way similar to french fries. Instead of using a fork, it now serves as a finger food that is convenient to eat while…show more content…
Based on the feedbacks that we have been receiving ever since we started selling the product, Fasta Pasta satisfies the customers’ cravings for pasta. Since our product is food, it can help customers find comfort in what they eat. Fasta Pasta aims to satisfy cravings and be a comfort food. Also, we offer different flavors of sauces, making it more appealing to customers since they have a variety of flavors to choose from. This would mean that the flavors of the dips are dynamic and they have the freedom to try each and every flavor. 7) Unlike competitors, what do you offer your customers that no one else does? What makes your offering unique and different from competitors? Things to consider: are you the best in terms of quality? Are you the lowest priced? Are you faster, better, more responsive, accessible, and convenient? Do you have more knowledge or experience and know more about their needs/business than competitors

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