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QUESTION .1 Marketing is a function which is trying to find the willingness or wish of the shopper and try to obtain them, that work to improve and develop products on a permanent basis to achieve customer satisfaction and keep increasing customer preparation , marketing is a number of procedure and steps to contribute to the flux of products, goods and customer services ,over the realization of the best production of the goods (American Marketing Association, Board Directors) . There are actually 5 different Marketing Management Concepts which are: Production Concept: Production of goods in large quantities trouble when it comes to production concept. It is suppose that enough products should be in the market for customers who want to…show more content…
For example: in economic companies their movements and tendency are in economic market are induced by the companies in order to make the constant alteration. Accountable Marketing: in this kind of marketing the customers are being asked by the sales person on the product working condition and customers satisfaction are being fulfilled or not. The customers are asked to give a performance of a task ( feedback) or suggestion. Partnership Marketing: in order to improve the performance of the company they continuously work with large number of customers. The Kellogg’s company mainly focused on marketing mix and the CRM method to retain and gain its customer loyalty. The Kellogg’s company mainly concentrates on two different levels of marketing one is the marketing concept where they try to give the best product better than their competitors and the other level of relationship that is utilized by the company is Accountable marketing where they take surveys through questionnaire and other methods. The company maintained a CRM system to maintain all the details about the customers. The company always aimed in selling the right product to right customer at right price. The CRM…show more content…
During the product development factors like quality, design, packing, features, service to customers are to be kept in mind. Place: It 's refers to the location ,distribution and methods of the products reaching the customer. Price: It 's refers to the monetary transaction .It is the mount that is spent on the purchase of products. Cash and credit purchase, discounts all come under this category. Promotion: The mode through which the customers are being alerted on the benefits and value of the products. KELLOGG’SMARKETING MIX: The marketing mix that is being adopted by Kellogg’s company is through: Regular introduction of new products to market and by offering popular products in a wide range. : PRODUCT Pricing of the product in the company is done in such a way that their customers receive best quality product for the price that is being paid by them. : PRICE The company ensures if their products are available all place in supermarkets or online or door to door delivery personally: PLACE Exciting marketing communication is being delivered: PROMOTION PRODUCT

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