Argumentative Essay On Fast Food Advertising

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Argument Essay
Consuming is very important for many people; some are compulsive buyers that don’t analyze the products, especially food. This fact is very important for companies that want to sell their products, using media and celebrities to present their products with images that are not close to the reality. This is the case of some food companies such as McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr. and Coca Cola Company. These three companies had so many advertisings that show people happy, with nice body and making people believe that their products are healthy, if they eat or drink there products general public will look the same as the models in the commercials. Hiding the reality of their products and the harm that may cause to people that is consuming …show more content…

this fast food company used Paris Hilton a singer that has a nice body, flat stomach, long hair and her skin texture perfectly bronzed. This advertisement has a great impact in women self-teem; many overweight women that sees this commercial may think that if they eat their food will look like Paris Hilton, the sexual way that she presents eating big hamburger with many calories creates the sense of is okay to eat that kind of food that their body will not have any negative side effects like gaining weight for example the famous star hamburger with cheese has around 680 calories, which includes 340 grams from fat, 14 grams of saturated fat, and 1220 grams of sodium, the amount of calories that a single hamburger contains is almost half of the amount of calories that a person should be consuming in a day, not counting the amount of sodium that is eating. Many women that have problems with over weigh tend to do constant diets that make them starving to look like a model or famous singer but when they see them eating junk food make them think that is ok, but not knowing that the model may not even eat what they are advertising because if they do so he or she will lost the “perfect “body

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