Gender Roles In College

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The majority of the student body on college campus are mostly females. Although I am only a sophomore in high school I can compare my highschool experience to college. Most of the people at school that show up are females. Many males will get called to the office because they have skipped a day of school without an excused absence. Male gender roles tend to be more reckless. Most of the girls are too afraid or scared that they will get in trouble or miss out on something important, because that is how most girl gendered people act. The girl genders are judged more in society, having to meet certain roles of following the rules, no skipping, and getting good grades. If a girl is seen skipping school, it will not just show that she skipped, it will show her parents are bad at parenting, their child needs boundaries, and that …show more content…

Yet, some decide that college is just not for them because they already know what they want to do. Many masculine jobs that involve the strong gender roles of men include construction, mechanic, farming, and logging. Throughout high school many kids, both male and female will get jobs. In the small town of Bellevue, Iowa that I live in, most of the time the girls work in the restaurants or babysit while guys work in construction, auto body shop, or helping on the farm. Many of these boys still want to pursue these jobs after high school. This means that most of the guys will not think twice of the idea of college, they already know what they want to do and how to their jobs. Getting right out into the work field will allow them to earn money right away. Yes, the men could go to college for all of these things and learn some valuable information, but they already know a lot about the job and skipping college right into the work field will allow for more of a hands on, visually learning through

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