Why Guns Should Be Banned Research Paper

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AoW #5 A large controversial subject in America is about gun control. Should guns be banned or not? In my opinion I believe guns should not be taken away from American citizens, here are some of my reasonings. Public shootings are caused by the shooter, not the gun. Also, video games and movies have a large impact on children’s minds at an early age. Another reasoning, there are too many guns distributed in America to take away. Finally, guns are an efficient way of protection at home. One way people tend to debate this topic is by blaming the weapon itself. They like to imply that the object shot somebody or something, when in reality, it is the person pulling the trigger who is to blame. When those who are pro-gun control blame the firearm, it is taking the responsibility away from the person and blaming the inanimate object. Madison Gesiotto recently took to social media and posted this powerful statement, “In a DUI, we blame the driver. In a bombing, we blame the bomber. In a shooting, we blame the gun?” One thing people do not look at is mental health. Recently there was a shooting in the U.S., the person who committed the crime lost both parents and, at an early age, was diagnosed with autism. Although it is not an excuse, it cannot be overlooked. At a young age it is best to find help for children with …show more content…

In the United States, more than a third of the population has at least one firearm in their household. To take away every gun in America could be close to impossible. Although people want to confiscate firearms, there will always be a way to get more. Many drugs, for example heroin, are illegal in the United States. People find a way to distribute and purchase the illegal substances although they are not allowed. If people can figure out how to get illegal drugs in their possession there is always going to be a way to purchase guns

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