Narrative Essay On Trampolines

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I had been in gymnastics for 3 years before the incident. I loved it and it was always really fun for me. My favorite part of practice was going on the trampolines. I had always been afraid of the bars, especially when we had to stand up on the smaller one and jump to the bigger one, I always thought I was going to get hurt. I went to practice one day and I had to go on the tumble track. I ran across it and did a front flip off the end of it and when I landed I ended up breaking my arm. When I looked down at it I couldn't believe it, it felt like I was dreaming. I remember I screamed, not because it hurt but because of the way it looked. Everyone in the room was staring at me wondering what happened. My dad arrived and said he could hear me crying from outside the building. He took me to the hospital and that's all I really remember from that day. That one incident had changed my life. After those long months had ended, I was finally able to go back to practice. I was most excited to get back on the trampoline and see if I could still do the things I used to be able to do. Once I arrived I practiced on the floor, the bars, and the beam. Everything seemed to be going…show more content…
Although it was hard for me to watch all my friends and family play outside without me, and to not be able to go to the fair that year, it taught me that we have the choice to either complain about it or make the most of it. I quickly realized that breaking my arm wasn't as bad as it seemed. I was still able to walk around and talk to my friends, I became more thankful for the things that I had. I realized that some people aren't able to walk or even move and that I actually had it easy. After I got my cast off and I was finally able to move it again, I wanted to do everything that I had missed out on but I also kept in mind how thankful I need to be for everything that I was able to
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