Humanitarian Crisis In Darfur

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Darfur is geographically situated in the westernmost province of Sudan (North). The region has been rocked by constant civil wars that generated feelings of hatred between different ethnic groups in the region and frequent crisis, which was humanitarian in most cases that attracted the international and regional organizations concern since 2003. The Darfur region was an arena of violent clashes between African tribes namely Fur, Mazalit, and Zaghwa and Arabian tribes. This unmediated and unsolved conflicts turned into one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.
The conflict in Darfur has old and deep roots and it’is only the latest manifestation of a recurring problem. However, several important differences distinguish the 2003 and 2005 …show more content…

Likewise, on March 2004, the United Nations called "biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the modern era." In April, a senior official of the United Nations spoke of "ethnic cleansing" to describe the atrocities committed in the region. A text signed by the United States House of Representatives in July 2004 has even used the term "genocide".
However, in Darfur, three factors seem to explain the situation: First, it is to keep in mind the underlying causes of the conflict, among which, the lack of meaningful participation of local and national authorities, and the feelings of social, political and economic marginalization of some ethnics, and regional development which, based on structural inequalities felt by many other communities across the country has deteriorated the tension in …show more content…

For economic reasons and hatred form against certain groups. This has also become a gateway for the major powers to interfere in the internal affairs of States for humanitarian reasons. Indeed, States have no friends but interests to defend, they say. The fact that the United States are little concerned about the humanitarian situation in Darfur crisis justify the United States imperialism has rarely been a humanitarian concern. Though the Americans are using the real tragedy in the Darfur province for their own economic interests and politics. Still, the largest buyer of Sudanese oil is the People Republic of China. That is the only real reason for US concern. Although it indicates that oil is the real reason for US involvement, humanitarian assistance also should not been

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