Importance Of Inclusive Education

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1. Introduction

In this research we will discover how teachers in the Foundation Phase implement the policy of Inclusive Education with regard to learners with Learning disabilities. Firstly we will need to look at what inclusive education entails. According to the official document White paper 6, Inclusive education is an acknowledgement that all children and youth can learn and all children and youth need support. All educational structures, systems and learning methodologies must be enabled to meet the needs of all learners. (Department of Education, 2001) Inclusive education includes values such as commitment to building a more democratic society, a more justifiable and quality education system, and a belief that extends the responsibility
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Each learner must be accepted and respected even though they have different learning needs. (Department of Education, 2001) These learners must be seen as an ordinary part of our human experience. In order to achieve that, all educational structures, systems and learning methodologies must be changed to meet each need. (Department of Education, 2001) Respect for differences in age, gender, ethnicity, language, class, disability or HIV status must be present in day to day interaction. The purpose of inclusive education is to change attitudes, behaviours, teaching methodologies, curriculum and the environment to meet the need of all learners. (Department of Education, 2001) By doing this we are maximising the participation of all learners in the culture and curriculum of an education institution, and minimizing the barriers to learning. Inclusive education empowers learners by developing their individual strengths and therefore they can participate critically in the process of learning. (Department of Education,…show more content…
In our research, it is the foundation on which we identify and develop strategies to help learners with learning disabilities. (Landsberg, 2011) This model is a very good example of a multidimensional model of human development. This suggests that there are layers or levels of participating systems. These layers result in change, growth, and developments such as physical, biological, social and cultural changes (Landsberg, 2011). This model states that if one system is affected, it will affect all the other systems. (Landsberg,

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