Word Of Mouth Perception Research

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Word-of-mouth (WOM) is a type of communication which relates services and products between people who are conscious of independency of the company in providing the services and products. (Silverman, 2001, p.25). WOM is acknowledged to participate imminent role in influencing and shaping consumer attitudes and behavioral motives (e.g, Sen & Lerman, 2007; Xia & Bechwati, 2008). Considering for a moment that a vacation to foreign city or countries and reserving a place to stay without the aid of local people might not be smooth as it seems. Tourists are mostly depending on online reviews , researches or travel intermediaries. Hence, Compete (2007) claimed that one third of tourists paid an effort to read message boards, online community, forum and online reviews to gain feedback before embarking on their online travel purchasing as to affirm their choices. With the contrivance of the Internet, theoretical and random interactions among tourists through the web have become conventional, which led tourism researchers to denote that online WOM plays a foremost role in the procurement and retention of tourists in the e-commerce era (Litvin et al., 2008; Vermeulen and Seegers, 2009). Goyette et al. (2010) investigates the distinctive nature of word-of mouth perception in varieties of channels accessible for providing such recommendations…show more content…
Tourists from worldwide are ought to favor from the immediately prior and most advantageous ways of gathering information directly when they reach their designated destination, with the aid of development of mobile technology. The accessibility of the Internet has brought a word-of-mouth generation. The percentage of consumers that reckon on online travel reviews before procuring are accelerating. In the year of 2010, global online travel of segment represents 30% of the total travel market ( PhoCusWright, 2011 )
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