Computer In Education Essay

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Nowadays, Education is the most powerful tool a human could have. Education played a major role in the life to all individuals it is very essential for everyone, It helps people earn respect and recognition. When you are educated, people will respect you in many ways. Education plays also a important role in our future, with a good education you can do everything you want and can get anything you want. The purpose of education is to prepare our children for higher education that can produce a better individual that can make a greater contribution to our society. People who will uplift our country in the poverty that we are facing right now. At this time computer and social media helps students and teachers a lot. All students these days know how to use computer and social media . it is a great resource for students and teachers they can get more information and materials through the internet. Using a computer helps the teachers life to be easier and more efficient. They can get some activities that is related to their lesson. In just one click away they will get all the information needed. Internet can play an important role in education . Teachers can refer to the internet for additional information regarding their topics. It also helps the teacher in making test papers and making the assignments for the students and decide some project topics. And not just in academics but also in some competitions that …show more content…

Computers facilitates audio visual representation of the information. Audio visual is one of the tool for teachers in the process of learning. Audio visual helps the teachers to catch the attention of the students. It added a fun element to education. When the teachers uses chalk and board students find it so boring unlike in audio visual presentation it has colors, sounds, and movements that can get the attention of the students. The topic that is not so interesting becomes interesting with the help of audio visual

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