Literature Review: Impact Of E-Commerce On Marketing

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1. J Suresh Reddy26 has published article in Indian Journal of Marketing. Title of article is “Impact of E-commerce on marketing”.
Marketing is one of the business function most dramatically affected by emerging information technologies. Internet is providing companies new channels of communication and interaction. It can create closer yet more cost effective relationships with customers in sales, marketing and customer support. Companies can use web to provide ongoing information, service and support. It also creates positive interaction with customers that can serve as the foundation for long term relationships and encourage repeat purchases.

2. Neelika Arora 32has published research article entitled “Trends in Online
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Advertising in social media: How consumers act after seeing social ads. Adapted from Nielsen (2012: 10).
Social media has not only changed how people communicate online, but it has also changed the consumption of other media too. Online social connections are used to filter, discuss, disseminate, and validate news, entertainment, and products for consumption. (Ryan 2011: 15) The next chapters will explain more about each of the world’s current most widely used social medias. There are, of course, many other social networks and applications (apps) available but considering the study, the focus is on the main medias.
7. Victor Van Valen has published article “Is Your Marketing Smart”
Today advertisers not only need to cater to and directly pinpoint a precise targeted audience, but they need to customize their advertisements as well. In web media, you have an idea of who will see your ads, and it create an impact on your audience. For example, you know Femina Magazine would be great to target women so you can promote your new beauty product in this magazine. But when it comes to online venues, how can you target the right audience when millions are browsing?

8. Vikas Bondar has published his article on “sales and marketing
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It is a continuous process followed by six steps which are important that their level.

This study helps me to get the reality check of a market where actual comparison between the classroom knowledge and the real situation can be done. By just learning theory and facing actual situations it concepts and practices might vary. The study helps to understand the different concepts of digital marketing, but while implementing it might differ from situation to situation.

This study helps to understand and know how to deal with different kinds of customers or a clients and how to make an impressive online campaigns.

OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY • To study the role of digital marketing in Return on web.

• To study the different criteria of digital marketing services.

• To analyze the approach which help them to get more business?

• To know how to pitch a client while meeting basically how to talk, what to talk, how to make client engage in your
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