The Role Of Employee Turnover In The Hospitality Industry

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Literature Review

The Irish Tourism Industry Federation reported a record valuation of over €8 billion. The sector created over 20,000 new jobs employing a total of 230,000 throughout the country. (, 2017) Considering these employment statistics, it can be surprising to find the hospitality industry suffering from extremely high levels of employee turnover and a struggle with low levels of employee retention.
The following literature review sets out to identify current research in human resource turnover causes and possible retention strategies focusing on the hospitality industry.
How can managers address the high turnover issue within the Dublin bar industry?
What is Employee Turnover & Retention?
Current literature on
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(Tews, Micheal and Stafford,2013. Gin Choi, Kwon and Kim, 2013. Kunda and Lata, 2017) These studies show which themes have a positive or negative relationship on turnover and retention. Stanley et al (2012) discusses how emotional attachment to an organisation shows the strongest negative relationship with turnover intention and turnover. This theory is backed up by Brown, Thomas and Bosselman, (2015) where high turnover rates of generation Y employees are attributed by their lower organizational commitment and organizational…show more content…
Davidson, McPhail and Barry, (2011) discuss how the hospitality industry has the potential to meet all the required characteristics that Gen Y employees seek from their employment. It is suggested by Mooney et al (2016) that devotion to the job and passion for the industry are the main traits of the ideal worker who will be totally committed to the organisational goals.
“Gen Yers’ entrance to the hospitality workforce is a double-edged sword to hospitality employers.” (Gin Choi et al, 2013, pg 412)
In addition, Baum (2015) maintains that despite excellent practices in human resource management, many organisations are still being challenged by their reputations of poor pay, difficult work conditions and a lack of growth and development opportunities, which therefore lead to the current issues of high employee turnover and low employee retention. These challenges were targeted by Deery (2008) and revisited by Deery and Jago (2015) to create a theoretical and practical framework aimed at employee retention focusing on industry attributes and employee dimensions.
It seems, the common attributes found in research and examined in Deery and Jago’s (2015) framework

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