My Success Of A Career Personal Essay: Career Success

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Joy mcgary career success mr.bailey 2nd period Your lifestyle paper

When i consider myself successful my life would be organized, adventurous, and life fulfilling. When i become successful i will be around 26-28 as a long term goal. I believe i am successful now. I find myself reaching goals that i didn 't think i can reach at the time. My career choices are an OBGYN, actress, chef, dancer, or working somewhere i the medical field to help people(babies). I would live in New York, Stay here, or move to California. When
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I am a dancer, chef, artist, babysitter, actor, singer, and track star. I love to help people and i think of myself as very intelligent and smart. I believe in hardwork and having fun after words.I have been taking three honors classes and an elective and have all my credits I find dance as real important and helpful.

Dance takes a lot of motivation and determination. You really have to stick with the quote “ anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.”This can apply to dance and this is what draws me towards this art. When i get older i want to be able to scream im the greatest. My loved ones and family members have always complimented the children and young adults in my family on their awards because, they know that we can make it one day.

I want to be like my mom and get my doctorials degree in the thing i love so i won 't have to work a day in my life. She pushes me and my twin sister( jade ) to go to college so you can provide for yourself and be somebody. She tells me that the black community is struggling to help each other because black people help ourselves. As a girl and an african american she tells me to work hard because life can be an obstacle . My mother makes what an average black couple makes and does it by

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