Negative Essay: How Technology Changed The World

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I SEARCH DRAFT What I already knew/what I wanted to know Technology is major crisis, increasing day by day. Many of us deny this, or many don’t want to believe this actually. Unfortunately, yes; it is causing a lot of trouble around our societies. We are suffering from a serious disease called technology. Every day, while I am seeing this virus spreading, many questions started coming to my mind. Aren’t teenagers and kids too small to hold a smartphone? How did our lives change (to worse or better)? Which is better now or then? I already knew that technology is the simple idea to do complex tasks, but in a way or another it has its own side effects. It can be beneficial in many ways, but on the other hand, it can be more harmful.…show more content…
This six or eight hour period may allow them to see sexual content; alcohol and drug use as ads on the internet, which may result to an ethically lost community. Technology has changed our lives forever remarkably. Technology changed the way we think, changed the way we behave, changed our normal activities, changed our feelings. Now, after conducting my survey, I came up with these results. First, 47% of those who did answer said that technology affected them in a negative way. Second, 53% of those who answered said that their lives changed to the worse. Then, after going to the IMC and conducted an interview that was as follows. 1) What are the behaviors commonly encountered by adolescence who use the internet for long periods? -Although the internet has now have become essential for any adolescent in studying and entertainment, studies have reported strong associations between aggression and the Internet, up to classifying the frequent use of the internet as an internet addiction disorder (IAD) in the new psychiatric classification of disorders. In addition, the frequent use of the internet has also been linked with increased rates of anxiety, depression, and impulsiveness especially in adolescence age
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