Nosocomial Infection Essay

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A nosocomial infection which is also called hospital acquired infection Nosocomial” term can be defined an infection acquired in hospital via a patient who was admitted due to a disease rather other than that infection. (Mayon &White et al, 1988).Hospital acquired infections are known to result in marked morbidity and conformist to cause or contribute to nearly 80,000 deaths annually in the united status.(Jarvis, 1996).Health care professionals are constantly expose to microorganisms. Which can cause serious or fatal infections.(Twitchell, 2003). Nurses are frequently uncovered to different infections during the course of implementation of their nursing activities. ( Kosgeroglu, Ayranci, Vardareli, & Dincer, 2004). Many hospital acquired…show more content…
Significance of the Study:

It has been documented in several epidemiological studies that healthcare workers such as physicians, dentists and nurses are concerned in the transmission of nosocomial infections.Nurses knowledge and practices about nosocomial infection is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to further investigate the level of knowledge and practices of nurses about nosocomial infection.
In health care settings it is necessary to assess the compliance about control of nosocomial infection.. Regular updating and strengthening of infection control practices should be one of the priority function of all health care settings.The findings from this study will add to the existing literature and may be used in developing interventions to increase infection control and prevention practices.
Research question:
What are the level of nurses’ knowledge, and practices about the control and prevention of nosocomial infection in government hospitals Lahore?
Key words:
Nosocomial infection, Nurse, prevention, knowledge.

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