Personal Narrative: Who I Am II As A Learner

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Who I am II as a learner In school I am a kid that doesn 't talk that much, and doesn 't get In the conversation. But as I 'm getting better and better In school am hoping to get 5-6 grades. And past first semester my goal Is to get 6 and 8-7 grades. I am a risk taker Im my way I don 't do what the teacher said and bring It to the next level. I do what the teacher says and add a few things In there. Im also a balanced person I like to keep my space organized I don 't like the clutter. And I like to keep It on the deadline not late not early on the dot. Last year I wanted to get better and to be great. by better I to pay attention get more Into the projects and don 't be shy. by be greater I to just be nicer to myself. Homework I hated so much. I did It but not with my full effort. SometImes I don 't even do It. so homework Is a thing I need I get better at. stop talking to neighbors always go distracted last year by talking to friends or just zone out. Planner never uses It last year now I need to use the planner for every single class. I am a caring person. I …show more content…

The MYP learner profile I wait to get better on Is an InquIrers I need to be more curious and more Into the conversation. Last year I was THE KID that never paid attentIon, dId the homework and did the projects In first semester. thIs I wait to keep the momentum throughout the year doing the best I can. Finally, my last goal Is to join the ultimate frIsbee club and change the habit of not learning. You MIss 100% of the shots you don’t take- Wayne Gretzky. I choose this quote thIs quote Is motivating me In hockey to push me to my limits. I want to be knowledgeable I what to get those 7-8 grades and to help my sixth grade brother out with hIs homework and projects. I am a communicator In 1 way. the way I want to be a communIcateur talk In learning. The way I can A+ It all the time Is talking to my friends or talk In general. thIs year I am trying to be a InquIrer. I what to be more curious

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