The Pros And Cons Of Homework

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Imagine that you are getting home from school and all you want to do is eat a snack and watch Judge Judy. You are exhausted from a long day of testing, exams, and writing essays. To top it off, you have homework in math, science, and writing. You have no energy to give, you have no desire to think anymore. The alternative is, you fail your classes. Imagine you aren’t doing so well in school because of constantly being loaded down with tons of homework. You are just praying to God that you will pass the 8th grade. Homework should be eliminated and become an unnecessary thing of the past. Some people may say that homework is great practice, but when is it too much to handle? Unfortunately, too much homework can lead to mental disorders. Too much homework can also cause physical symptoms in a student.ome say homework serves as a re-learning of material and keeps the mind fresh and on topic, however there are alternatives. Too much homework can lead to stress and mental issues. Some of these illnesses are very serious and are very harmful to students. Some of these illnesses include depression, stress, and self esteem issues. Also due to the stress children can lose muscle mass, and their physical condition can go way down- Tim walker PhD Homework is actually bad for you…show more content…
10 minutes of homework per grade so the 1st grader would get 10 minutes and high school seniors would receive 2 hours of homework, and almost every school in the country is exceeding that limit on homework. This much homework leads to stress disorders and mental illnesses in kids, leading up to adults, according to Professor Kelly Wallace. And because of all of that homework we are causing children to hurt themselves“Since 2011 there have been 7 homework related suicides, and schools are doing nothing to stop it,” according to professor Gena
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