Argumentative Essay: Should Kids Handle Guns?

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Should kids handle guns?

As the world population increases, so does the crimes beside it. Throughout decades, the world has been fighting these crimes, but today still they fail. And as our need for support and control of the public arise, we have developed many lethal weapons to do so. And one of those weapons are guns. As many people know, guns are lethal weapons that can kill a life with one bullet. A person’s life can easily be taken away with a simple pull of a trigger. And these guns are also the instruments used by criminals to take whatever they want, whenever they want. That was the initial fear of the people. But if took in consideration of the fact that these so called life threatening weapons cannot just take someone’s life but …show more content…

And also the lack of muscle power to hold the gun, because as we know guns have recoils. In a social experiment done by a show called What Would You Do, they tested if a fake pregnant woman can persuade people to stop buying guns for their children. To everyone she talked to, they all disagreed to not buy their children a gun. This is a sign of ignorance to what danger may apply if that child pulled the trigger. Also, a 9-year-old girl did from Arizona, she accidentally killed her instructor during practice on August 25, 2014. The 9-year-old girl was using an Uzi, an automatic firing gun when the incident happened. But in the video the instructor clearly made the mistake of letting this weak young girl take full control of the gun, the instructor should have been assisting her from behind. These happenings are the cause of ignorance, because they lack the knowledge of what might happen to the kids and the people surrounding them. We should teach them properly in this situations where they will handle a high risk item. Children may be lacking the knowledge and responsibility of holding these guns, but with the proper teaching techniques we could teach those kids to protect themselves in the face of danger. After all it is the responsibility of the parents of the child to protect their children. This also means protecting themselves if the parents are not with

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