Reflection On Head To Toe Assessment

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During the second week of class, I was provided with a scenario to develop personal caring techniques by engaging with and providing basic morning care to a standardized patient (SP) who suffers from a spinal cord injury (Bornais, J., El-Masri, M., Krahn, R. & Raiger, J., 2012). When caring for the SP, my partner and I began by completing a focused assessment of his nervous system and then preformed a bed bath, changed the soiled bedding, and completed a head-to-toe assessment. We finished this provision of care by feeding and moving him into his wheelchair via an assistive lift system.
During the first few weeks of professional practice, I learned a variety of clinical skills including using a foam pad to move patients up in bed,
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Additionally, one physical aspect I noticed about Brandon was that as a result of his spinal injury, he could not complete many independent tasks requiring the use of his lower body. As bathing was one of these tasks, I took lead in this caring process in order to provide him with an effective cleansing of his body. The day before this scenario, I was able to practice bed baths on my classmates and learn the important do’s and do not’s regarding bathing. I believe these acquired characteristics increased my personal feelings of confidence and pride in my nursing skills. It also allowed for me to incorporate ideas such as patient safety, patient independence, and assuring comfort throughout the entire…show more content…
This experience also allowed me to respond to Brandon needs by using various caring and communication strategies to draw from previous SP scenarios, apply the positive characteristics gained from them, and improve upon the negatives. What I had learnt in class the week of this scenario was developed and expanded during the application of care. While completing Brandon’s bed bath, I had to alter my newly acquired cleansing technique because his spinal injury prevented him from moving his legs independently. Additionally, my aim for this provision of care was to allow Brandon to feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire care process, especially during his bed bath. I took action to accomplish this goal by drawing upon my previous SP experiences, making sure at least two bed rails were up at all times, only exposing the part of his body being washed, and most importantly, I recruiting my partner to lift and move Brandon’s legs while I washed
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