Roles Of Crisis Intervention

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Within the large variety and variation of crisis and situations that people experience, come a variety of people who play roles as crisis interveners. A crisis intervener isn’t always just a police officer or a social worker, and I had never fully comprehended that. When I was younger, I remember being attacked by a dog and having to go to the hospital for stitches. I remember the nurses and the doctors coming to my aid and making me feel at ease. I remember my teacher taking me into the hallway one day so I could cry my eyes out after a relationship had ended. I never fully understood the depth that these roles have had in my life, carrying me through traumatic times or times when I was in need of support. Crisis intervention has been in practice since the opening of a suicide center in 1906. While I can imagine that this was helpful for the time, I can’t imagine what kind of treatments they were performing on people, or how they were treating them. As time has gone on, the training for all crisis intervention workers has grown in its depth of knowledge. Codes of conduct and ethical standards have become more and more prevalent, and I believe that this is a good thing. In the news we always hear about the social workers who forgot that children were being abused, or social workers who never responded to violent family situations. We always hear about violent police officers or police officers who chose to make poor decisions while on duty, costing them their jobs. Having a

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