Importance Of Crisis Intervention Essay

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Within the large variety and variation of crisis and situations that people experience, come a variety of people who play roles as crisis interveners. A crisis intervener isn’t always just a police officer or a social worker, and I had never fully comprehended that. When I was younger, I remember being attacked by a dog and having to go to the hospital for stitches. I remember the nurses and the doctors coming to my aid and making me feel at ease. I remember my teacher taking me into the hallway one day so I could cry my eyes out after a relationship had ended. I never fully understood the depth that these roles have had in my life, carrying me through traumatic times or times when I was in need of support. Crisis intervention has been in …show more content…

We always hear about violent police officers or police officers who chose to make poor decisions while on duty, costing them their jobs. Having a strict code of conduct ensures that social workers and police officers are able to do their jobs while not letting their own personal beliefs or feelings stand in the way. These sets of principles and standards are vital in being a social servant. When choosing to become an officer or a social worker, these individuals are choosing to make a commitment to their communities, to their neighborhoods and the people they encounter, to be the best that they can be. They are in charge of creating positive solutions and helping to dispute issues, sometimes serious and sometimes minor. In order to do a kind of job like this, the social worker/officer has to learn to be objective, compassionate, patient and honest. These ethics are good indicators and tools of knowledge for people to become genuine workers within their career field. I find it fascinating that crisis workers can decide when and if extra pre-cautions need to be taken in order to ensure safety for all who are involved in the crisis

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