Senior Reflection: Thousand Oaks High School

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Senior Reflection

The best experience I had at Thousand Oaks High School was having teachers who cared and pushed me to my limit. Mrs. Almenara taught me organizational skills. She and I worked together at university elementary school with autistic kindergarten children.

The worst experience I had was being the new girl and trying to find my way round the school. I was always getting lost and going into wrong classes.

The high school experience changed me by giving me way better skills that I had before I came to Thousand Oaks High School. If I would change anything I would came here for all four years instead of going to West Orange High School in Orlando. I don 't regret going to West Orange High School in Orlando but education wise
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When June 9th comes I believe I would be more confident than I have ever been before in my life. I have never been more ready for everything in my life. I 'm already really focused but when I graduate and start college I don 't think it be a problem for me to be focus. I will more directed when graduate because I 'm going to start learning about what I love to do. I would take more risk in life because I would pushed my self harder or maybe do something I wouldn 't normally do.

The high school experience influence me to work with special Ed kids or work with kids as I get older. It showed me that no matter what your disability you can make your dreams come true if you work hard at school and graduate from high school because if you graduate you 're already a step ahead of everyone who dropped out of high school.

The humorous incident that happen to me this high school year was that I was walking to first period, I was very tired I only had 5hrs of sleep the night before I thought the door was open so I went to open it and I tryed to open it and it was locked so pull so hard that when I let ago fell on butt. At the time I did not thought it was open it actually hurt but now I looked back it was very funny. What I learned from that was to get

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