Should Assault Weapons Be Banned Essay

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In the United State there is a problem that need to be fixed, people’s opinions about this problem are completely different opinions, the country is divided in the way they think, because half of them think that the country need a new assault weapons ban. Nevertheless, half of people think that it is not necessary because with guns restrictions or without them, this country is always violent. Violence is a problem to solve, and many people believe that the availability of assault guns create more violence and in some way create more destruction, but also there is the other half of the country who think that assault weapons are used only for sports and things that are not related with crime, in our country is necessary to the government to take the leadership and have a solution for a problem that is …show more content…

Yes is really needed to have a new assault weapons ban because that kind of guns are creating to much destruction, this kind of guns are too powerful for the public use, so is needed to regulate them. Also it will bring many advantages like a better control on the use of these guns, a more accurate regulation on the people who sell and purchase all these guns, make the communities feel safe on the places the live and it is really important, give better ways to the law for fight crime, it help them to protect people more easily, and finally and really important it will give to the government a better appearance in front of its country so, is needed to create a new assault weapons ban as soon as

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