Ethical Issues In Nursing Communication

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In nursing communication is imperative. Something being discussed can be a matter of life and death. Every patient is unique. While there are guidelines to follow sometimes they may not be applicable to the situation. The nurse leader needs to be able to communicate with and trust their floor nurse. The nurse leader must also be able to show trust in the staff that they have trained. They must also show knowledge and quick thinking in unconventional circumstances. This way the staff feels confident and safe that they have a competent leader
Positive feedback is what makes a company really flourish as a whole from the janitors/groundkeepers to the CEO/CFO/COO. Being told what a person is doing right is normally a motivation to do even better. Just a simple acknowledgement can make a world of difference (Abrashoff, 2008). Great achievements do deserve great rewards. In most healthcare systems, the day to day employees barely get a pat on the back while management attends galas and soirees. Employee appreciation should be everyday but special functions should be held as thank you. This is especially needed in
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Females are not acknowledged as often as they should be for promotions. Females are slowly getting recognition for their skills as great leaders. However, double standards still exist for them. Where men can say and do politically incorrect things, women are often frowned upon and chastised for the very same actions. Society still looks down on women wanting roles of leadership. Many women are overlooked for positions as president or CEO/COO/CFO of companies (Switzer, 2016). Even though we do have a lot more than two decades ago, the numbers are still low. Back in the 1980’s only 7% of women were in leadership positions (Switzer, 2016). Today that number has risen to 19% (Switzer, 2016). It still leaves a lot of room for minority

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