The Importance Of Distance Education

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Learning in a different light
Making the shift from the traditional face-to-face classroom learning to distance education was definitely not an easy decision to make. Given the fact that during the time when I planned for my college life, I received much opposition and negative comments from my classmates who doubted that there won’t be benefits from this distance education and this decision might ultimately lead me to drop my course and as a result, wastes my time and money. In addition, my classmates believed the dependency of distance learners to electronic devices are not appropriate for my lifestyle because unlike the typical residential learners, students who are studying in this uncommon mode of education mostly rely on computers and tablets that are linked to the internet to create a virtual classroom where discussions, quizzes, tests, simple messaging between friends and professors are held. Moreover, my classmates believed that distance education won’t allow me to get a good job in the future. Despite all of the unhealthy antagonisms I faced before graduating from high school, I pursued the new milestone of my life as a distance education student. And after two months of being a DE student, I made some realizations to prove that my high school classmates were wrong.
First, I compared my experiences as a residential student before my college life with my new experiences as a distance learner and realized that distance education has differences to the typical residential learning.
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In addition to my realizations of the advantages of distance education, I comprehended that my day-to-day routine as a distance education student is appropriate for me – opposite to what my classmates

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