The Importance Of Teaching Writing In The Classroom

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Over the past week and a half of teaching writing, consistently, I have learned a lot about the learners needs when it comes to writing and the importance of teaching writing specific to each discipline. In kindergarten, writing is a dreaded subject for many learners. There are so many basic skills that learners have to focus on (such as writing left to right, using spaces, forming letters, etc) that they do not truly get to enjoy their time to write. They cannot just focus on the writing aspect, they have to focus and think about all the little things as well. During this lesson, I wanted to use writing as a time for the students to reflect over the text, rather than for pure assessment (p. 63). The pressure of writing and doing everything “right” is a contribution to why many students dread writing. My goal for this lesson was for students to engage in and practice the writing process (pg. 74) and to teach them that writing doesn’t have to be something they hate/dread. From the lesson, I learned that teaching writing in kindergarten requires a lot of modeling. Learners need to see correct letter formation, the spacing between words, writing left to right, and how to reference resources to spell tricky words. I also learned that students are motivated to do their best writing skills when they are going to share their writing with the class. I never realized how important it was for students to be able to share what they have written. Students enjoy “showing off” their

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