The Importance Of Team Work Management

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Since technology revolution has taken place in many areas of our life, quality of services in healthcare has become one of the most important objectives that concerning both private and public organizations. Because of the relation between work performance and patient care, according to [Aiken et al.,2002] there are many hospitals have poor services quality which has impact on patient treatment as a result of frustration of teamwork. Also, they concluded that a key of improving services in health environment is cope and solve nurses’ job dissatisfaction. So, management of team work plays a significant role in improving in solving this problem. For instance, workers should have a balance of tasks based on their experience and skills which would allow them to finish their tasks on appropriate time.
However, managing a teamwork in hospital is quite complicated because some tasks is emergency which might consume much time than others. In this case, how manager of team can predict amount of time that a task needs to be performed. Also, how workers share their difficulties or solutions toward a specific task which would contribute to increasing quality and performance of performing similar future tasks. therefore, these difficulties were addressed by many studies that investigated different perspectives of team work environment., For example, [Femke, et al., 2016] built an algorithm in order to provide a satisfied tool of teamwork management tasks, they point out that

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