The Importance Of The Military Service

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As we all know there are million and millions of people including male and females who have been focused or voluntarily to joined the military service from the past to the present. The military service is service by a group or individual in a militia, which they are assigned jobs to protect the country. To join the military there are some requirements that are mandatory to be eligible. Some of those requirements are citizenship, good health, alone with not extended a certain age group. Once accept into the service two years of service are mandatory, which you are than referred to as soldiers. A solider is someone who will fight when there is a war without any thought of self-preservations. In this case majority of service members die while in the line of duty-fighting on the battle field, many are honor thought the event is self; such as civilian war, pig war, revolutionary war alone with war war II and many other wars. The true honor of a solider is in the service member, Tennyson’s indicates the braveness of the half league soldiers who were send over to Death Valley and due to that they will be glorified because of their participation in the war.
Soldier’s troops are honor differently depending on their level of braveness- escaping mouth of hell and the jaws of Death (Tennyson, 1854), which leads to higher rank and rewarded in promotions. However every service member should and deserves a medal of honor for their ability to step up, despite most only receive honor after
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