The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Gun control is a rising issue in the United States, it is heard about in the news, social media and among the public. Before choosing a side, look at the facts: “Beginning with Columbine in 1999, more than 187,000 students attending at least 193 primary or secondary schools have experienced a shooting on campus during school hours, according to a year-long Washington Post analysis.” (COX 2018) “That could never happen in my school” is what all students, teachers and parents say when they watch a news report on another school shooting. Nowadays, children are so accustomed to the idea of school shootings, even children of ages that don’t know how to do long division. Education reporter Caroline Glenn wrote an article in Florida Today entitled …show more content…

Her mom won’t allow it. Cheree Crawford is fraid the flashing lights will give away her daughter’s hiding spot if a shooter ever infiltrates her school.” (Glenn 2018) Miss Crawford isn’t the only parent in Brevard County in angst after the Parkland shooting two-hundred miles away. Another quote from the article discusses the fear parents are experiencing and their recent realizations, “Many parents in Brevard County who never before paid much attention to security at their children’s schools are now concerned about what safety measures are in place and are having conversations with their kids about what to do in an active shooter situation.” (Glenn 2018) Parents are starting to discuss safety issues in schools with their children, and children are beginning to learn. Your children are learning how to survive in school before they can work out simple math problems. Children are smart, they pick up on anything being said around them. They know when our country is going downhill, they can read statistics and reports: they …show more content…

So on average a twenty year-old can be the person protecting and teaching your children. Now imagine giving this twenty year-old a gun, a harmful weapon, and the trust to keep your child safe. We can barely trust our teachers to teach our kids what they should be taught, let alone expect them to protect our kids. A question I have for you is, where will they be getting these guns? Is the school district going to buy them? Because they can hardly buy all the classroom essentials for these educators, let alone buy a gun for every single teacher. Do they expect taxpayers to buy them? Will my taxes be increased because the school doesn’t want to cut the budget of the athletic program? This is basically an argument that should be debated to a wall. Another well used argument is about the Second Amendment, and whether controlling guns takes away those rights. Most folks assume whenever they hear “gun control” it means they’re getting their guns taken away, but they really aren’t. When we say “gun control” we mean making it a little bit more difficult to get a gun, and only having certain firearms available to civilians. Because the second amendment was meant for the military, and for those to use for self

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