Persuasive Essay On School Grading System

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The news is on, “breaking news. There has been a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen are dead and many are wounded.” (Sagarra) On the television, there are people crying for their school, crying for their loved ones, and crying for their lives. The boy is labeled depressed when arrested, but consider if it was someone of color like an African American or an Arabic person. From past experiences with these tings, the African American would be called a thug or gangster, and the Arabic would be labeled as a terrorist. But when a white American boy does something wrong, he is labeled depressed.(Rose) All around America there have been gun threats being made, and with some, the people actually carried through. In 2018 alone, there …show more content…

This is unlikely for test or quizzes, but it can happen on homework assignments that are not thoroughly checked and looked over. If a teacher gets caught doing this, it could be very serious. A lot of the time students are to scared to come out and say what teachers are doing wrong, because the teachers will be vexatious with them. This should not be the case. Students should not have to worry about a grade being dropped because a teacher does not like them, They should get the grade the earned and deserve. In West Virginia, a straight A student spoke out and ended up suing her teacher for this exact thing: unfair grading. She received an F on Biology project that she turned in late because she was on a school approved trip.(Parent) Things like this are not okay, something needs to be done. Whenever unfair punishment in school systems is brought up, the response is something along the lines of if we punish certain people, it could make them depressed because they are already fragile and could snap. From a certain perspective, this could be correct, Yes, some people are fragile and if the wrong thing is said to them, it could set them off and make things ten times worse. What happens if nothing is said to anyone about anything

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