Strength And Weakness Of Swot Analysis Essay

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Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Matrix Strengths

1) Market leader
2) Foreign universities
3) Strong brand
4) Reasonable course fees
5) Conducive facilities
6) Experienced lecturer
7) Financial assistance Weaknesses

1) Reduce in group profit
2) Reduce in share price
3) Less advertising
4) Dependent on PTPTN
5) Decrease number of students

1) Increase in population
2) Increase in GDP
3) Government commitment
4) Technology improvement
5) Supply of medical resources
6) Restriction on nursing license
7) Government's prohibition on student politics
8) Ever demand for healthcare SO Strategies

S5O4- Use advance technology in teaching (Holographic)
S4S7O8- Introduce new courses at cheaper price (Physiotherapy and …show more content…

For example, the lecturers use the holographic technology to teach the students. The usage of advance technology will be able to stimulate the learning process of the students. Students will also have a better understanding towards their relative subject. (S5O4) The university should introduce new course while maintaining a reasonable price for the new course offered. For example, courses such as physiotherapy and neurosurgeon are high in demand in Malaysia. They should introduce these courses and set a reasonable price for them in order to gain the competitive advantage. (S4S7O8) The university is the market leader in nursing course. They can use this to establish a strategic relationship with the government. They can do this by providing training program for future government hospital staffs and provide the human capital for government hospitals. This is because the government is planning to open up a few more hospitals throughout of Malaysia. (S1S3O3O5) The University is the market leader in nursing, they can use this position to seek private hospitals for in-house training. This will ensure that the nursing students in the university will gain the necessary exposure to ensure that they will qualify once they complete their training. This is because private hospitals are more specialized compared to government hospitals. They can also use this position to send their students for government organized activities or programs that cultivate the learning process for nurses. For example, the university sends the students for a one day camp on healthcare training provided by the government. (S1O3O8) The university has partnership with other university from overseas such as universities from The United Kingdom and Australia. Since these countries are advance in the medical field, it can provide a strategic relationship for MEGB as they will be able to send their students overseas to

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