Video Game: The Social Impact Of Video Games

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Video games is a global phenomenon, more than 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide, according to a state of the industry report by Spil Games. The players are children, adult, even some elderly is enjoying the world of games. In the recent years, people debate about the social impact of video games and the effect they have on the people who play it, especially for the children. Many parents against their children to play video games, they believes that video game cause violent and addiction. Of course, that statement today raises a lot of pros and cons, each parties have an opinion about whether or not to allow their children playing video games.
The first benefit of allowing the children to play a video game is to introduce the children to computer technology and online world, because we are living in high-tech and sophisticated world. If we introduce the children to play video games, they will adapt to concept of computing. Video games also made children learning in fun. If they are having fun while playing games, it give them motivation to learn more, keep practice and enjoying what they learnt. Some online games even played Internationally, so this game can introduce the children about other players nationality and cultures. Several studies said that video game can increase decision making skills & problem solving skills for the children. Video games demand the player to make decision fast or game over. Video games also having unique story line and the player

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