Why Banning Books Should Not Be Banned

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Banning books has a negative effect on children and deprives them from fueling their mind and not preparing them for the real world ahead of them. Banned books can have positive message on life and can teach children lessons about the world around them. It is not good for children to grow up and not know what the real world is like, because they would not know how to handle life on their own because they were being protected from all the bad things in life. People like to do what, in their opinions, is good for their children, even when sometimes they are hurting them more than helping them. Some books do have profanity in them which children really should not read. That can be easily fixed by taking out those parts, but leaving in the negative and real world parts so children can learn about the real world early in life and they will learn the difference between good and bad actions. Books should not be banned; banned books can have an important lesson for kids to learn for the life they have ahead of them.
Some people believe books should be banned from society, because some books have profanity. Correspondingly vulgar language is everywhere, children know …show more content…

Some people, including children, may not have a good life and need to escape and get away from their life for awhile. Additionally this can apply to school even; for example, if a child doesn't have many friends they can take out a book and have time pass by, feeling like they're part of something. Literature is a form of art, it's a way people can express themselves, and banning books would be taking away someone's way of expressing themselves. Taking away that way to express themselves is like taking away their ability to speak and communicate, and it'll make it hard for that person day to day because they can't express themselves. Expressing through writing is the same as expressing through paintings or

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