GCE Advanced Level Essays

  • Nothing Gold Can Stay Analysis

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    The affect change has in its surroundings and anything involved could be very detrimental depending on the situation. The poems “Mid-Term Break” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” are similar, for they are both poems that talk about change. Throughout these poems, it is displayed that change has negative effects on surroundings because what comes first, the youth that is considered precious, comes to an end and what to follow in second best. The first stage of life is precious and when it changes, or ages

  • Daniel Stern's Theory Of Motherhood

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    The motherhood process involves a progression of stages beginning at gestation and eventually leading to child rearing (Cranley, 1981). There are a number processes that enable a mother to have a more efficient transition from the gestation period to the beginning phases of infancy (Stern & Stern, 1998; Winnicott, 1956). One of the aforementioned stages is a theory conceptualized by Daniel Stern (1995) called the “motherhood constellation.” The “motherhood constellation” is a unique mindset held

  • My Interest In Landscape Architecture

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    Ever since I heard of landscape architecture and what landscape architects do, it has always been my only ambition because it incorporates my passions and hobbies into study and eventually a job. From a young age, I have always loved design, art, photography, nature and outdoor spaces all of which are points of interests and skills that landscape architects require. In my previous studies, related subjects to landscape architecture that I have studied and have had a keen interest in were IGCSE

  • The Importance Of Reaction Time In Sports

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    In the world of sports, reaction time is known to be a vital aspect of an athlete's ability as it separates the gifted from the elite. Reaction time is defined as the amount of time taken to respond to a stimulus. The stimulus is something that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue. The slower the stimulation recognition in the brain is passed, the slower the reaction. In sports such as soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, along with others, these activities require fast reflexes

  • My Hero's Journey

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    The Hero’s Journey is something that every human being goes through whether they realize it or not. We all go through different obstacles, some being more difficult than others, but at the end of the day we are all connected by the Hero’s Journey. We start with the separation stage, move on to the initiation stage, and then end up in the return stage. I myself have just gone through a cycle of the Hero’s Journey, when I happened to get my first B in a class, AP Spanish Language. It all started last

  • David Hume's Virtue Theory Of Money

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    macroeconomics: the quantity theory of money. He writes that “the prices of commodities are always proportioned to the plenty of money…” (Hume, II.III.1). This is very similar to the neo-classical quantity theory of money which also equates the price level being directly proportional to the money supply of a country. Hume’s quantity theory of money also challenged the mercantilist

  • Marx And Engels: The Three Main Ideas

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    The three main ideas from the Communist Manifesto The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, had little to no influence when it was first published in 1848 for the Communist League. However, soon after Marx and Engel’s other writings on socialism became published it grew in popularity, and was considered a standard text of the time (Brians, 2006). With Marx’s radical ideas, and Engels’ thorough writing, they were able to convey how they were individual of the other socialists

  • Personal Narrative: My Degree In High School

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    In high school I was a huge go-getter. Apple Valley High School drove in our heads “get involved, get involved, get involved” and I took that to heart. My freshman year I did everything. I was in student council, basketball, lacrosse, band, speech, math team, flute ensemble, pep band, FCA, etc. I continued most of those activities throughout the rest of high school. Some things changed, like I joined National Honors Society, cross country, and the fall musical but was unable to continue with basketball

  • The Pros And Cons Of Prisons

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    A prison is a structure where people are being held legally for punishment because of the illegal crime(s) they have committed. Recent studies say about 200,000 people end up in jail each year in the United States. Children and teenagers have considered their school as if they were in jail. School can last for about 13 years of one’s childhood, but after all those years it is up to the person if they want to continue after that. Kids and teenagers use prison, as a metaphor, to compare them attending

  • Sleep Deprivation In School-Induced Zombies

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    The majority of students who are affected by this are those who are in honor classes, advanced placement classes, or any college class. These students have multiple assignments on, what it seems like, a daily basis. Grades are of the utmost importance to these students, so it is not rare for them to stay up all night and wake up at six in

  • Self-Concept And Interpersonal Communication In The Movie Goodfellas

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    Communication is an important element in video analysis. Ideally, a careful analysis of the different characters in the scene and their role in enhancing interpersonal communication is much more important. In consideration of this concept the underlying principles of interpersonal communication, there is a need to assess its applicability in the movie; Goodfellas. The three-minute scene titled, "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown" is a reflection of how self-concept, perception, and non-verbal

  • Argumentative Essay: How Memories Can Learn From The Future

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    Memories do succeed to help us learn from our mistakes from the past memories. Our mistakes can help in the future it could help us achieve other goals. Remembering a memory like the first time going to school and having to do the first test and forget to study. We remember to study next time that is how memories can help and not have a difficult time. Also it can help you when someone else gets in trouble with their parents next they will know what not to do or similar to what they did.I also believe

  • Patient Restraint In Nursing

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    Restraint refers to any measure intended to limit the activity or control the behavior of an individual. This can be accomplished by both physical and chemical interventions. Mittens and positional supports such as nesting beds, rolls and swaddling are not considered restraints. The physician orders the type of restraint after all other protective strategies including medical immobilization devices and alternative interventions have been assessed and determined ineffective in preventing the infant

  • Bali Island Tourism Essay

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    Indonesia is a developing country in the world with many potential resources, especially the natural resources. The natural resources of Indonesia are very varied, such as mountains, beaches, animals, many kinds of tree, and many more. One of the greatest benefits of these natural resources make Indonesia becomes one of the tourism destinations in the world. Moreover its condition as an islands country, makes Indonesia has various characteristics of natural resources in its different island and it

  • Essay On Suspend Children

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    Is suspending a child really the best thing to do when they get in trouble? How can they really be educated from not being able to go to school for a few days? Will suspending kids better their choices in the near future? When schools suspend children, what good is it really doing? You would think it’s helping with their situation, that it’s changing their perspective while helping them find ways it could have been solved, but some kids don’t think of the solution in the blink of an eye. When kids

  • Project Management And Management Case Study: Boeing 767

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    Mid-Term Paper – Boeing Analysis MGMT 658 Abstract Unlike other manufacturing industries, aircraft manufacturing is considerably large and complicated. It is a field with high risk involvement. Losses incurred can be quite huge due to the size of the industry. Being the case, the aircraft manufacturing industry calls for intrinsic planning and comparatively larger pool of skilled and cooperative manpower for successful production. The Boeing 767 case study focusses on the manufacturing of Boeing

  • Tough Teachers

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    Tough teachers are usually known as being cruel and harsh to their students, but that could be seen as a lie. They are definitely an important factor on receiving excellent results. Their students learn from the mistakes they have done which a harsh teacher would point out. A teacher that is light on their students usually do not make it obvious on what they did wrong. The ability for a teacher to point out a mistake, no matter how cruel, is significant to turning a student into a pristine student

  • Essay On Population Growth And Economic Development

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    realized; this is usually attained through specialization. Specialization enables human capital to be concentrated on the task in which people have developed special skills. Hence through such efficiency time and money could be saved while production levels increase. With specialisation and economies of scale, production is bound to be on the rise. Cassen et al. (1994) also agrees with Easterlin (1975) on the point that population growth may afford economies of scale and

  • Causes Of Hyperinflation

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    Inflation is an economic concept that can be defined in two different ways, both of which mean the same thing. First, inflation can measure the rate at which prices rise. The second way inflation can be defined is the rate at which money loses its value or its purchasing power. Inflation is the reason you need more money today than you needed five years ago to buy something. There are three different periods of inflation which are deflation, disinflation and hyperinflation. Decrease in government

  • Intraspecific Evolution

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    Intraspecific evolution is the evolution that is continually occurring within a species. When a species undergoes this type of evolution they are subject to many evolutionary pressures such as mutation, migration and selection. How the species reacts to these pressures effects their genetic variation, gene flow, chances of survival and all together their growth as a species. Whales are a group of species that have undergone many evolutionary pressures and many species have experienced bottlenecks