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The Key to Success It takes an immense amount of effort to make a school happy, however this one item can change everything. Seems crazy right? The uniforms were first introduced by Christ Hospital school in 1552. They have been in use for many centuries and has grown to popularity due to these reasons. Uniforms have such an impact that parents take pictures of their kids with their uniforms on during the first day of school according to With these positive outlooks on uniforms, it should be necessary for schools to introduce students to uniforms. Uniforms can assist students in the future and teach them economic equalness by developing a feeling of appearing professional, evening out the upper and lower social class, and it helps students appreciate their regular clothes. For these reasons,…show more content…
According to, “Professionalism is very important as children grow up and especially when they enter a corporate set up.” Whenever a job application is near in the future, wearing a uniform will be worthwhile. The times students wear a uniform will translate into the future by always taking in to consideration to look organized and prepared. It will be like muscle memory in the future. Uniforms create such a concentrated look, and it propels the importance of school due to how they look like with a belt and tie. Although, uniforms display how professional it is to be worn, others may argue that wearing the clothes an individual prefers shows their freedom. It also may be more comfortable, which students adore. Yes, students will feel pleasant, but that comfortability may be too much. Students might as well lounge in class. Students with a professional look will not only look focused, but also be focused. In the end, uniforms should be used for how organized and professional for how they are

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