Argumentative Essay: Should People Go To College?

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I am a strong believer that not everyone should go to college. There are many reason why I believe this, one of those reasons being that some people cannot pay the tuition costs. Another reason, is that most new college students are not ready for the responsibility or responsibilities of managing their own lives. The third reason is that, some new college students are just not cut out for college. I know that some people out there would say that there are programs that could help students pay for college and help with study for classes but those programs are not always available for all students. These are the reason why I believe that not everyone, let alone high school graduates should go to college.
Tuition cost over the years have continued to rise in cost, with the introduction of new technology. Some students would have to work a full time job in order to pay for their full course load. If a student has to work a full time job and go to school, either one could suffer from the overload of stress or lack of sleep. If that student does suffer from the loss from school, his grades would suffer and if he any type of grant or scholarship that student would possibly be put on probation.

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Not everyone can manage themselves enough to get through college. Everyone has that one thing that they are good at. For some people that thing is going to school but for others that have not discovered what they are good at. Some will learn in the military, as for other they will learn what they are good by doing on the job training. There are plenty more reason I think that not everyone should go to college but these are the main ones. While I admit that college would benefit a lot of people but it is also a place where a lot of people find out things about themselves that they wish they never had found out, or they have things that they wish would of never happened to

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