Essay: Should College Be Free

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Should In State College Be Free? The moment when you’re standing on that stage holding your diploma is a memory that will never fade. You’ll look back from pre-k till your senior year in highschool. A college education is almost mandatory in today’s society. Without a college degree the best job you’re likely to get is at a fast food restaurant working with high schoolers. Some students get perfect grades, and receive academic achievements, but their parents can’t afford the tuition of a community college let alone a University. The question is around from many students, families, and even teachers, wondering if free college should be a grant to this society. In my opinion I believe free college tuition should be funded by the US government. It will help families and students get some stress off their back, let alone to influence them to work…show more content…
In the first place, college being free would help the students effectively. Students who go to college today have up to three jobs to pay, payments on their tuition. If they focused on their studies they wouldn’t be so tired and would put in a great amount of effort into the classes they take. According to The New York Times ( stated that 65% of the students accutley go to college. The problem is that 30% of student that have parents helping to pay for college drop out as 60% of students that don’t have family support in help paying dropout within the second year of college. This student was from the in effect to show how hard it is to pay for college. Some families end up getting loans but it’s a bite in the butt when they can’t afford to pay it back due to the tuition and cost to help their children be successful in life. Bernie Sanders presidential runner for the democrat party quoted; Today, it would take a minimum wage worker an entire year to earn enough to cover the annual in-state tuition at a public university. And that’s why so many
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