Leadership Reflection Paper

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In this essay, I will attempt to apply various concepts of leadership that we have covered through the course of this class by reflecting upon my academic commitment as a student, and developing my leadership style related to the results that I am attaining while I am at this University.

At the end of this academic year, I hope to have passed all my registered courses with a grade point average of 3.0. Passing all my courses will mean that I will be a few steps away from completing my program and that in itself brings a sense of achievement and pride in myself. It will also bring out the feeling of self fulfilment in how far I have come.

Lately, at the university, I have been getting good grades, and they have improved compared to the grades
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There are a lot of reasons why I am motivated to study and work hard in my school work. First of all, being an international student, I understand that our tuition fees is pretty pricey and knowing the sacrifices that my parents make is one of the reasons why I try to try the best I can. Knowing that they could use their money for other investments but they chose to use it on me, is one motivating factor and I want to try by all means to make them proud of me. Another reason for working hard is because I want to build the best life for myself, and in order to do so, I need to attain the best grades I…show more content…
A schedule may also help me outline my day and highlight things that I would want to accomplish for each day, and that will cultivate a culture of discipline. The support that I will need should mainly come from within me though I would also need the support of others around me. This involves being around people with the same vision as me, to avoid falling off the rail. The people that I need to surround me are people that will constantly push me to do better and try to be the best version of myself and these are mainly friends as well as
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