My English Reflection

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From what I have noticed since the start of learning English, I continually find myself having numerous strengths and weaknesses in different aspects. One of many strengths that I encountered was that when it comes to creative tasks including written pieces like poems, short stories, I have always loved to be extremely detailed, as to me that was the easiest way to show my imagination to the audience, making them excited to read my writing. To do this, I constantly found myself drawing on all five senses, using similes and metaphors and thinking outside the box when writing. At the start of the semester, when the class was given a task to rewrite the Cinderella story, my detailed work can be seen. [My part of the story can be seen below.] However, one does not only have strengths but areas of improvements as well. In the beginning of this semester, I stated that when it came to essays, I had a difficult time applying my critical thinking skills to find well-thought-out and sufficient arguments and prove my evidence to my thesis and this resulted in me spending countless hours. Though it still remains my area of improvement, I have vastly improved this weakness throughout this semester. At the start of this semester, the class and I had a discussion about the topic of bias and perspective. I learned that humans look at situations, events, and interpret what others say and do, according to our own set of culture, religion, upbringing, media, etc., which helps

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