Personal Reflection Report

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Personal Reflection
I have spent the last three months as a consultant trainee in THINKFIRM doing amazing projects with amazing people. I have started my journey in February as an inexperienced trainee, but I finished it three months later with full of ideas, changed mindset and relevant experience in the area of online marketing, growth hacking, and business modelling.
I have arrived at the office with lots of expectations and only a few terms and catch-phrases about growth hacking. Since numerous friends of mine are working as account managers or online marketers in marketing agencies, I expected to work with the tools of the online advertising, like Google Analytics, AdWords and Mixpanel in the vast majority of the time according to their
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Lastly, I assumed I have to deal with some coding and designing, which is not my strong suit, but I have always wanted to strengthen my skills. Overall, my assignments involved all of the above-mentioned expertise and even more.
The most unique feature of my traineeship was the novelty and freshness of the company, because even THINKFIRM has a past (not a long one though), my first and biggest assignment was building an in-house project called Bammboo, where we built up a new company from the very beginning. This involved composing the organisational structure, define the roles of the members, set up the informational infrastructure and launch a website. The company, THINKFIRM, and Bammboo alike are working in Holocracy, which means that there are no pre-defined teams, leaders, and roles, but theme related circles (e.g. Marketing,
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It was a new area for me, so I started to research the learning models, cultures, and practices of the most innovative and fastest developing companies. Based on that, I created a measurement system, which indicated what skills and knowledge the company members currently have (but also can be used to measure the skill set of candidates or newcomers) and compare it to the need of market, so what skillset the whole company should possess to serve the needs of the customers. Then I worked on the exact processes of knowledge acquiring and feedback. The final phase, the productization of the knowledge was developed by the Product Development circle, but they involved me in the process as well. Although it was a great experience, I cannot say I am completely satisfied with the learning system we created. In one hand, the internal feedback on the knowledge is rudimentary and subjective. We could not come up with a systematic and objective feedback system because of the short time we had. On the other hand, after creating the system, I did not see how the members are using it regularly, outside of the test environment, because, after finishing, we immediately shifted focus and went to the next project. However, I assume it is similar to

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