Personal Nursing Philosophy: The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Nursing

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Personal Nursing Philosophy

The society has high expectations for the nursing profession. Most cultures expect nurses to have high moral standards and a good character or virtues (Newham, 2014). Consequently, several societies consider becoming a nurse a calling. However, multiple reasons are responsible for choosing the nursing profession. Some reasons are obvious, but sometimes the reasons might linger in the subconscious. Therefore, nurses might not always be aware of every reason for choosing his or her profession. However, developing great skills in the nursing profession requires the knowledge of why the particular profession appeared appealing to the individual.
Personal philosophical statement
Nursing is rooted in the caring
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Furthermore, Leininger interprets individuals tightly connected to his or her cultural heritage, and appropriate patient care is only possible when understanding the cultural background (Masters, 2015). My personal nursing philosophy concurs with addressing the importance of cultural diversity and adjusting patient care accordingly. Reviewing the major concept of people, Leininger defines a person as a human being, family, or institution (Masters, 2015). However, my personal nursing philosophy views the person as a human being, who is lacking a piece or multiple pieces of the physical, mental, or environmental component to achieve wholeness again. Besides the various parts of the environment mentioned by Leininger, my personal philosophical statement includes the nature in general. Multiple cultures have roots in living in harmony with the surrounding nature. Even in the technology-driven western society, researchers recognize the importance of returning the focus to nature. According to Hart (2016), spending quality time in nature may help improve mood or mental disorders and physical health. Therefore, the personal nursing philosophy does not necessarily only address the environment directly surrounding the person but focuses also on the extent of the patient-nature

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