Physical Therapy Vision Statement Essay

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APTA vision statement for physical therapy “transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience” is an important component that can contribute to the quality of life for all people. I do believe that making the best use of movement can improve one's human experience. The human body is made up of joints and tendons that had evolved to help humans achieve movement. The human body is designed with the ability of movement, no matter how small. Optimizing this ability should help transform society. While volunteering at a short-term rehabilitation center, I met a patient who refused to participate in physical therapy. However, the physical therapist did not give up on this patient. With time the patient improved, moving from the bed to a wheelchair, then finally a walker. With each change, I was also able to observe how the patient's daily activities expanded to create new experiences. Each new experience also lead to an increase in the quality of life. This patient …show more content…

Doing physical therapy with children can be very different from doing physical therapy with adults. Even doing physical therapy with young adults can be very different from doing physical therapy with the elderly The way movement can optimize the human experience for a child may be very different for an adult. During my experience working, I was able to observe how essential movement was for all ages. Even though the value of movement is essential for all age groups, I believe that the rationale is different. The human experience is different at each age, understanding the rationale that each age group has on movement will help me transform society as a physical therapist. Being able to help individuals optimize movement will help improve my human experience as a physical therapist. I will embody this vision to reach the quality of practice standards that can best help with patient

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