Planet Preserve Case Study

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In this task, a scenario of a food company “Planet Preserve” is given to design new strategy for the success of the business. In this I am working as a Client Manager for Planet Preserve
Planer Preserve:
Planer Preserve is a company that deals with fruits and preserved food products and Leslie want to expand the business to increase the profit .
Strategies to expand business:
Expanding the business is necessary to increase the profit and to maintine the business alive. For expanding the business we need to a lare number of new customers. There are multiple ways to expand the business and to promote the product. In this project, we can use different and multiple strategies for marketing purpose.
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Consumer and buyer behavior depends on the use of the product. The consumer buyer can be the individual, household or the person who buys goods or provide services for the personal use. All these consumers can consider essential to build up the consumer market. This also depends on the buyer decision that how buys take decision to buy the product. The buyer has different views for new product. As Planet Preserve has a large number of customer which consume it products daily but it is very difficult to sell our product in a new region or new district as the tastes and culture is different in new society
The buyers do not like to buy an expensive product for testing so we can reduce the price or provide free sample for testing to help he buyer in making decision to buy our product. The competitors’ products can affect the selling and profit of Planet preserve company. To increase the selling of our new product in new corporate market, we need many different strategies to increase the profit and for selling the planet preserve product. The new strategies are advertising the product in new corporate market, giving free samples of product to make new customers and to lower down the …show more content…

In an international market, there are a large number of compotators of Planet Preserve products. Here the level of competitors in foreign market is more then in domestics region. And it is complex to make the Planet Preserve product the bestselling product in international market.
The Planet Preserve business needs more experience and skills, knowledge to become mature enough to come in international market. First Planet Preserve business should target to earn profits and money from domestic market because when you export the product in international company, the product will become more expansive for the customers in new country due to sales tax and other commissions.
Based on the above discussion of international and domestic market for Planet Preserve business, we need to capture the target market, and need to advertise the Planet Preserve product in different countries. It will be good and beneficial for Planet Preserve product but it is difficult in start to do international business of Planet Preserve product because the taste, view and buying behavior of consumer is different in every

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