Roles And Responsibilities Of Nokia

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Task 1
P1 Explain the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function.
Marketing one of the essentials and important department of any organization. And it’s the key factor in the success of any products or service.
The marketing department of Nokia has roles and responsibilities to ensure increasing profitabilities and revenues.
As a recruiter in Nokia smartphone for a marketing manager in the android software department, If I will be the marketing manager, there are ten main roles and responsibilities I will follow and be aware of:
1. Setting Strategy:
For a good management, as marketing manager has to know the responsibilities to identify an appropriate plan, strategy, and developing the guidelines. And it will be designed specifically to enter the market strongly and gain new customer to Nokia.
Nokia marketing manager has responsibilities for identifying an appropriate plan, strategy, and guidelines developing. Specifically designed to enter the market strongly and gain new customers.
2. Marketing environment:
Marketing environment has a major effect on the marketing due to this, I will be aware of the marketing environment changes, by collecting and classifying all the information about the factors which affect the market of Nokia negatively or positively.
3. The CRM:
One of the keys forces of success for any product or service is clarifying and identifying customer’s needs, want, demands, experience, and decisions, so

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