Strategy Of Samsung And Samsung's Attitude Change Strategy

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Attitude change strategy: When considering the attitude change strategy for a brand or product, on the one hand, for the market leaders that already have positive attitudes, the goal is to reinforce the positive attitudes. On the other hand, for the competitors the aim is to change the market leader’s consumer attitudes. For example, Apple, in the smartphone market, is the market leader for several years, the brand already has significant brand loyalty and positive consumer attitudes worldwide. Now we look at its main competitor Samsung, who has introduced the Note and Galaxy series in recent years. The goal for Samsung, of course, is to change the attitudes of Apple’s customers in order to replace Apple’s market leader position. In order to achieve this goal, Samsung has positioned its smartphones as better and more innovative and implying that Apple is losing market share. In this case, Samsung, as the major competitor of Apple, by using the attitude strategy of changing beliefs about Apple, to claim that Samsung’s smartphones are better than Apple’s in order to change consumer’s attitude towards Apple. In addition, Samsung is good at building relationship with an admired group, for example, Samsung planned a famous selfie moment at the Oscars as a part of its sponsorship for the Oscars with ABC. Tricomponent attitude model: The cognititive component: the first of the tricomponet attitude model consists of a person’s cognition, that is the knoweledge and

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