Pest Analysis Of A Subway Essay

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The Subway started to explore Russian market since the beginning of 1990s. The first Subway café was opened in Saint – Petersburg in 1994 (Denero, 2011). The Moscow market appeared just 4 years later in 1998 (Оbuhova, 2001). Today there are 201 Subway restaurants (Subway, 2011a) in 47 cities (Subway Russia, 2011a).
The Russian Subway uses the social networks since July of 2009 in order to be in touch with the potential franchisee and clients of the restaurants, to increase the information knowledge about the franchising itself and the fast food Subway (Marketing manager Rus, personal communication, 2011–05-01). Subway Russia gets in touch with their clients through the most popular Russian social network Vkontakte (Vel‟f, 2010). There are
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(Vel‟f, 2010). Vkontakte is supposed to be the prototype of the Facebook and, indeed, it has a lot in common. The common things are: in the company‟s official page or national accounts there is a wall which can be used as a tool of communication by any liker or member of the page. The possibility to leave movies or photos exists that allows to participants to share not just textual materials. Still it has the differences…show more content…
Moreover the link to the page of the administrator and related groups are available.
A questionnaire is lying on the head page directly after the description so that everyone will see it entering the group even without scrolling the page (what increases the number of people who answers). It is renewed once a month and aimed to get the information about clients‟ preferences of the types of provided food (Appendix 9-2).
The wall is a tool which can be used by any member of the group. It is the place to leave their comments, movies, photos and music. The types of messages that are left on the wall can be divided to several categories: information about the opening of new

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