Four P's Marketing Mix

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1. Introduction
Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and group obtain what they need and want, through creating, offering and exchanging product of values with others. Marketing is one of the major and most significant functions to run the business effectively. Service can helpful for the customers in the marketing and to attract customers in the marketing field.
1.1 Meaning of Marketing
The action of business for promoting and selling product or services, including market research and advertising.
1.2 Meaning of Marketing Mix
The marketing mix refers to the set of action, or tactics, that a company uses to promote its brand or product in the market. The 4ps make up a typically marketing mix- Product, Price, Promotion
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In fact in some cases people never buy the product quality is not good and also service was not satisfied for customer himself so that’s why they were look for the quality and quantity of a product in the market that’s why the company or organization.

2.4 According to McCarthy burdens “Impact of marketing mix among service design and delivery”. British Journal of Management, ISSN:1468-2370, 2016

Following McCarthy definition, many theorists have added more Ps to the concept of marketing mix. Judd 2010 proposed another p people to the idea of marketing. Booms and Bitner 2014 applied the concept of marketing mix to services, adding three Ps people physical evidence, process. Service design and delivery provides a comprehensive overview increasing important role played by the service industry. Focusing on development of different process employed by service organisation, but also introduces strategies used in the design and management of service. It is also contains theatrical and practical knowledge to the
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Strategies can’t be vague .The strategies should be framed with respect to the product, place, or any such elements. Here comes the marketing strategy which has to be develop by a every organization for their success. This includes the strategies with respect to product, place, price, promotion. By understand the important of marketing mix strategies I have chosen the topic “A Study on Marketing Mix Strategies Adopted by CAMPCO LTD, with reference to CAMPCO Chocolates at Mangaluru City. To know the impact of marketing mix strategies adopted by CAMPCO LTD, over the sales of the CAMPCO Chocolates, and also to know the customer perception towards it.

4. Objective of the Study
• To study the Marketing Mix strategies in detail.
• To identify the various Marketing Mix strategies adopted by COMPCO LTD, with special reference of CAMPCO Chocolates.
• To analyse the effectiveness of Marketing Mix strategies.
• To suggest the company based on the outcome of research.

5. Scope of Study
The scope of study is restricted to know the effective implementation of marketing mix strategies by CAMPCO LTD. Further the scope is restricted to only the COMPCO Chocolates, and not associated with any other product or services of CAMPCO LTD. With this the scope of the research is also restricted to the geographical area of Mangaluru city.
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