Online Shopping Effect On Consumer Trust

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When deal with online shopping, it is undeniable that the basic understanding of proper procedures to carry out online transaction through several use of technologies and the methods shall be clear (Baek et al., 2006). Generally, there is interrelationship in between familiarity and trust. For instance, long-term online transaction of the customers with familiar online sellers will increase their level of trustworthy on them, since this long term activity aid in gaining and accumulating the customers’ experiences and knowledge from their past successful deals with particular online sellers (Gefen, 2000). Besides that, Metzger (2006) pointed out that frequent Internet users are highly aware of online risk. According to Chen and Li (2009), online…show more content…
For example, Jarvenpaa, Tractinsky and Vitale (2000) stated that reputation of online shopping has a positive impact on online trust. When the online shopping company has a good reputation, consumers enable to build higher on level trust from the online shopping. Next, the results confirmed that the perceived reputation has a significant effect on consumer trust in the online shopping context (Teo & Liu, 2007; Walczuch & Lundgren, 2004). Broutsou and Fitsilis (2012) point out that perceived reputation has a positive impact on consumers trust in the company as well as on purchasing intentions toward the company for new consumers. For example, new consumer perceives less risk in buying from online business because it can provide good service and high quality product for unknown online shop. For this study, understanding consumer’s perceived reputation in online business is important of internet purchaser’s trust on their purchasing intention. It is hypothesized…show more content…
Webpages of online shopping usually shown information with some interactive design attributes, included graphic, visual icons and picture. All these attributes create a user friendly store atmosphere. However, these attributes can be developed by the online seller to encourage consumer’s interest and purchase intention in online purchasing when consumers have an enjoyable online shopping experience (Menon & Khan, 2002; Szymanski & Hise, 2000). Therefore, when an online seller needs to achieve a higher level of trust from online shopping and encourage consumers to revisit, they should be created effective website design, contents and attractive features. For example, website quality has a positive effect on trust from online users in New Zealand (Corbitt, Thanasankit, & Yi, 2003). In the same way, Yousafzai, Pallister and Foxall (2005) found that website quality is strongly related with consumers trust from online shopping. Overall, understanding website quality in online purchase through online shopping is important of internet purchaser’s trust on their purchasing intention. It is hypothesized

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