Analysis Of Elon Musk's Style Of Communication

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Elon Musk’s Style of Communication
The way a business leader communicates has a great influence on the organization’s internal and external operations. Elon Musk, being engaged in multiple kinds of businesses emphasizes on making his communication quite direct and objective oriented.
Elon Musk uses a firm and commanding style of communication within the organization to energize his employees. A mail that he sent to Tesla employees a few years ago illustrates his communication and leadership style perfectly. The subject of the mail was, “communication within Tesla.” Musk’s main concern for this mail was the flow of information within his companies. In this mail he made it clear to employees that they do not need to follow any hierarchy for sharing …show more content…

The way Elon Musk thinks of leadership is a bit different, in one of his interviews with ‘Glassdoor’ he said, “Your title makes you a manager but your people make you a leader.” (Jackson, 2017). He made it clear in the interview that in his work leadership is not just about leading and commanding, it is about encouraging the employees and making the best use of their abilities for the well being of company. “Leaders are also expected to work harder than those who report to them and always make sure that their needs are taken care of before yours, thus leading by an example.” (Jackson, 2017) Musk said.
Musk’s Application of Motivation Techniques There are different ways of motivating the employees and a business leader uses one or more for the better results and efficient …show more content…

His goals are specific and difficult, and his hard team hiring process says that his goals are definitely accepted by the employees and they are committed to put their 100% to achieve that goal.
Musk has a charismatic personality; people admire to work with him as they want to contribute in his hard and specific goal. Elon also makes sure that his employees are satisfied with their jobs so they can put their 100% in the assigned tasks. As one of his employees said, “I absolutely love working at SpaceX. The free perks, full benefits, SpaceX clothing, drinks, food, stocks and everything else that Uncle Elon gives us is truly amazing, astonishing, unbelievable, mesmerizing and no words can truly explain what’s it like to be part of the SpaceX and what we do” (Jackson, 2017).
Musk is not a very democratic type of leader so he keeps the things straight and a negative reinforcement is not something odd for him to get his work done. But a free flow of information, and liberty of speech and sharing ideas at Musk’s work place give employees an inner encouragement to do the things right and this autonomy leads to better

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