Essay On Gender Pay Gap In Hollywood

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According to the latest forbes list of highest paid actresses and actors, we are surprising about the pay gap between actresses and actors in hollywood. The world’s 10 highest paid actresses received a total of $205 million over the last year, it seems a lot, but when comparing with the 10 highest paid actors combine earning $456.5 million, actresses are paying less than their mate counterpart. Jennifer Lawrence, who earn $46 million as the highest paid actress last year, only rank six if she was an actor. It is hard to image in hollywood, a place where people fight for the inequality and women 's rights, still suffering from gender pay gap. We cannot deny that gender discrimination still underneath hollywood in every aspect and a number of factors are accountable for the gender pay gap in hollywood. From industrial situation, gender discrepancy, patter of payment and social opinion aspect, we can find out why is there gender pay gap in Hollywood.
The employment opportunities between men and women are unbalanced.Firstly, the creative team is still predominantly male and more conducive to producing good male-dominated movies. Many types of movies, such as action movies, are …show more content…

Hollywood does exist gender pay gap phenomenon, fortunately, more and more stars aware of this phenomenon and speak up for those who are under gender discrimination. Many male-dominated films and men 's longer professional life spans are the inherent reasons of gender income gap, we can not immediately change the situation, but we should be aware of this unfairness and relying on the industry and the society to change this phenomenon. However, unreasonable pattern of payment and unjustifiable social opinion are the direct obstacle of narrowing gender pay gap, we can immediately change and should immediately change this phenomenon. Eliminating the gender income gap, we need long-term efforts, at the same time, we hope that the Hollywood women can bravely stand up and fight for their

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