The Importance Of Academic Success

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Academic success is used as the sole measure of students’ performance in most learning institutions. There are other possible methods of measuring performance in schools and other learning institutions other than academic success. Academic success has however remained dominant despite the criticism of its inefficiency and lack of objectivity by some scholars. The need to study this topic arises from the increasing disparities in student grades in learning institutions exposed to varying environments (Carter, 2011). The most important aspect for academic success is student preparedness and the rigor of the coursework exposed to the student. The other factors include motivation, engagement and the sense of self-efficacy of the students among other factors.…show more content…
This study is an enquiry into the factors that affect academic success of students and seeks to answer the question of why some students perform better than others do, considering such factors as motivation, preparedness, and vigor of the coursework and sense of self-efficacy among
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